About us

Mission Statement

To provide protection for anyone that wants it.

If a client does not feel comfortable without security, we will make that our concern. We will not turn anyone down and we will not evaluate clients based on their prestige, or their position in life.

SOLID Security Services is an organisation which prioritises their customer’s requests and pursues to meet and surpass all expectations. The continuous venture is fixated upon to advance the services we offer which is one of the main purpose of why all our members of staff are vetted to BS 7858 standards. Your financial position and budget is valued in order to construct the most effective and efficient service. Our business operations and staff duties are manipulated and customized for every client to ensure the level of protection your assets, employees and customers receive are increased and maintained at satisfactory levels. Integrity, consistency and reliability form our business ethics and are followed in all circumstances.

At SOLID Security Services, we provide staff with continuous periodic training to enhance skills and offer an unmatchable service. Staff awareness of legislations such as Health and Safety at Work, Trespassing and Data Protection are focused upon to meet legal obligations. We believe training contributes to the confidence of our staff and creates a stronger relationship between our staff and clients.

At SOLID Security Services, we believe that the key to success arrives from the long-term relationship between our customers which is the reason why we do not compromise on integrity and reliability. It is our responsibility to maintain the safety of our client, preventing any forms of vulnerability which most security companies are incapable of.

At Solid Security Services, our management is full qualified and experience to deal with many conflict situations which makes the operation to run smoothly. Our controlling mind of the company holds many qualifications with experience to give the best service.

Solid Security Services holds SIA Approved Contractor status for the provision of Door supervision & Security Guard Services